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Daniel and Lisa Bouzide
WellnessMat Owner,
Daniel Bouzide

“It has never been our vision to be the biggest, just the best!”

WellnessMats Mission Statement

It is our mission to continually elevate
the anti-fatigue mat category by creatively promoting a healthy lifestyle that begins from the ground up. This includes manufacturing the “Best in Class” flooring products, while educating both consumers and businesses on the valuable health, safety, and morale benefits experienced while using a premium anti-fatigue mat. Through imagination and innovation, we will continually expand and develop meaningful products that fit today’s markets. We will be the leaders in this “Healthy Way of Life” campaign, while never compromising the integrity and values that our company was founded upon.


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About WellnessMats®

Today, more than ever, consumers are aware of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Every form of media promotes this meaningful message and products that support it. At WellnessMats, we are proud to be a significant part of this “Healthy Way of Life” campaign, and to manufacture products that truly make a difference.

Since 2000, we have been successfully addressing the ergonomic concerns of many commercial industries. Our WellnessMats are the mat of choice for Homeland Security and TSA, and are widely advocated by healthcare professionals. Our products are commonly used in the hospitality, industrial, medical and health & spa industries, among others.

Our philosophy is simple; if we can address the health and safety concerns of millions of Americans in the workforce, then we can surely extend our expertise to consumers in many home settings.

We are very fortunate to be a part of a movement that really influences so many lives. Every day, we receive dozens of testimonials and reviews about how our products have favorably enhanced the lives of so many individuals.

At WellnessMats, we believe in doing things right. From innovation and continuous technological advancements to creative marketing and media campaigns, the foundation of our company is built on integrity and honesty. Being the manufacturer, we know every mat that is shipped, regardless of the account or customer, and every order is handled with the same commitment, care and concern.

Made in America

We will never compromise our products, values, or integrity by looking for shortcuts. There is no doubt that many companies are enticed by the cheaper raw materials, unskilled labor, and the lack of stringent regulations when importing from overseas.  We at WellnessMats strongly believe in producing the highest quality products, abiding by U.S. Government instilled guidelines, supporting our economy, and keeping jobs in America.

Every WellnessMats employee is exceptionally proud of our 100% “Made in America” products and policies. Our strong sense of pride is clearly demonstrated in our marketing, media, and manufacturing campaigns. This synergy is contagious and reflected in every WellnessMat produced.

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