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Endorsements & Supporters of WellnessMats®
Sarah Grueneberg - Top Chef and Executive Chef of Spiaggia

“I really love these mats! Every at-home chef needs it! They are AMAZING!”

To learn more about Sarah click here.

Mario Batali - Critically Acclaimed Chef, Restaurateur, Award-winning Author and TV Personality

“Standing on a WellnessMat is like a little break in the middle of a chaotic day...I welcome the relief and comfort it provides”

WellnessMats is proud to have been apart of Asphalt Chef and The Spaghetti Western along with the Mario Batali Foundation. To learn more about the Mario Batali Foundation click here.

Sara Moulton - Executive Chef, Cookbook Author, TV Personality

“The WellnessMat is a Zen experience. It's so nice on your legs. When people come over and stand on my mat while cooking with me, they say, 'Whoa, I don't want to leave here!'”

To learn more about Sara Moulton and whats she is doing click here.

Dale Levitski - Top Chef & Chef/Owner of Sprout

“WellnessMats are so awesome!
Really, I want to sleep on them they are so awesome!”

To learn more about Dale Levitski click here.

Michelle Bommarito

“WellnessMats are as “Sweet” as my cakes.”

To learn more about Michelle Bommarito and her amazing cakes click here.

Tim Love - Critically Acclaimed Chef and Restaurateur

“WellnessMats...best mats on the planet”

To learn more about Tim Love click here.

Guy Fieri - Celebrity Rock Star Chef, TV Personality, Author, and Restaurateur

“I use my kitchen at home like I use my kitchen at the restaurant, but never had a mat that worked, til now! WellnessMats are off da hook.”

To learn more about Rock Star Chef Guy Fieri click here.

American Chiropractic Association

As a Corporate Partner with the ACA, Wellness Mats are working with thousands of chiropractors across America to educate people about the need for anti-fatigue flooring as part of the solution to address the epidemic of lower back pain. To read more click here.

Dr. Mark Mandell D.C., MBA

“WellnessMats are uniquely designed to effectively suspend the body’s weight by reducing impact on the legs and back. In addition to improving circulation, reducing back stress, and decreasing fatigue, using the mat also improves balance. For anyone who has to stand for longer than 20 minutes, whether at home or in the office, WellnessMats are a must for better health.”

Dr. Kevin Pallis & Dr. Ed Plentz

“During my travels, I was introduced to an innovative anti-fatigue floor program, The Wellness Mat TM. Like many of you, I too am on my feet for extended periods of time, being a high volume practitioner. Upon using The WellnessMat TM, I was amazed at the results. I had no fatigue, a higher energy level, and more importantly there was less impact on my body. Without hesitation, I furnished each of our offices with these amazing mats. We at The New Renaissance, seldom endorse products. However, Dr. Pallis and I quickly realized the overwhelming need of these mats for Doctor’s and patients, just like you.”

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