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Mike Morton
San Diego, CA

“I purchased one of the WellnessMats for my wife for Christmas. She tells me every morning while she does her make-up how its the best gift I have ever bought her. I just got her two more for the kitchen. Now I'm husband of the year.”

Decorative Mats

decorative mats - wellness mats

While WellnessMats® is the choice of professionals all over the world, many consumers demand something  more decorative for their homes. 

Decoration is the cornerstone of home personalization, and WellnessMats Motif Collection takes your request the decorative element and makes it a reality – consider the Trellis, the Bella, or the Moire’ patterns for your home.

They embrace classic design motifs and timeless patterns -  adornment that our devoted consumers help us to select!  Decorative from WellnessMats means a softer look and feel for your home; all without losing one single bit of anti-fatigue performance…now you can have it all.

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