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Kathey Brittany
Cleveland, OH

“Hello, I stand on your WellnessMats every minute I get. As you may be aware, a national retailer near me has a similar product they sell. But it doesn't even compare to WellnessMats. So, thank you for making such an awesome product!”

Garage Mats

garage mats - wellness mats

Anyone who find themselves working on projects in the garage can attest, the garage mat is a logical and practical use for your WellnessMats. Whether you are working on the car, building a birdhouse on your workbench or potting plants, your garage mat from WellnessMats® will always serve you well. 

Stand for longer periods of time, and do so in absolute comfort!  Spend extra hours on your feet while treating your body right! 

Your WellnessMats assist in fostering better circulation by delivering improved blood flow to your extremities, reduces strain on the joints and muscles, and simply put – your garage mat keeps you active for longer periods of time. 

Healthy standing means happy feet, knees, hips, calves, feet and lower back.  Don't take our word for it - you stand on it, and we'll stand behind it!

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