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Customer Testimonials
Mindy Franklin - New York, NY
“"I saw WellnessMats in a catalogue and order three for my kitchen and I absolutely love them. Now I am ordering for our other house. Thank you." ”
Della Hall - Canada
“I stepped on a WellnessMat the other day in a store in Fargo and I felt like I was in heaven.”
Laura B. - Austin, TX
“Wellness Mats are amazing! They don’t even compare to other similar products. The amount of delightful squishiness is unparalleled. Whether you are looking to alleviate neck, back, knee or ankle issues or simply are aiming to avoid issues down the road, Wellness Mats can’t be beat. They also make wonderful gifts for friends or family that love to spend time in the kitchen or workshop. Thank you WellnessMats!”
Kathy - Southfield, MI
“I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new Tan Bella WellnessMat and Seasons cover. The Mat is so comfortable to stand on. In fact, I have a gel filled mat and that is not as comfortable as the WellnessMat. My husband even complimented on how soft the mat is to stand on. The tan color fits perfect with our kitchens color scheme. The Seasons cover is a bonus and a must have. The color and style matches perfect with our floor covering. In fact, it looks like we had it professionally made to fit the decor of our kitchen. I am looking forward to ordering more covers. I like to change off colors with the different seasons.”
Cynthia Zwobot - Pasadena, MD
“I've been suffering with my sciatic nerve and going to my chiropractor 3 times a week. He has been using the wellness mats for quite some time now. Knowing that I am on my feet working he suggested that I try the mat. I recently purchased one and it made all the difference in the world. I can stand on it for hours with no back problems. Now I'm ordering one just for my kitchen.”
Starla - Clarion, PA
“My father-in-law ordered a wellnessmat and the moment I stepped on it, I loved it. After a long day in the kitchen cooking with my back and feet hurting, I ordered one and have been so very, very glad I did. I have tile floors and besides having a knee replacement, also have back problems. I don't dread doing dishes now, because I know my back is not going to hurt afterwards. Can't wait to order another one for in front of my stove!”
Kathy - San Dimas, CA
“Wellnessmats are unbelievable! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have had both knees replaced. We have wood floors in our kitchen, and I love to cook, but I found that I was in so much pain in my feet and back that I could not stand as long as I would have liked, having to stop and sit down frequently while trying to complete a cooking project. We bought "gel" mats, and, at first, I was happy with them, but within a year or so they had curled so badly I found myself tripping on the edges. Then I read about Wellnessmats and that they would not curl, so we bought a 2 X 3 for in front of the sink. It came, we took it out of the box, we laid it on the floor, I stood on it, and I was absolutely thrilled -- like standing on foam!!! We moved this mat over in front of the stove and bought a 2 X 6 for in front of the sink and "on down" the counter. The first one was brown, but we thought brown might be too dark for the 2 X 6, so we bought it in tan. I can now stand for the entire time it takes to complete cooking a full meal. NOW, we are going back to get another 2 X 3 in tan for in front of the stove to match the other one in the kitchen, and the brown 2 X 3 will go upstairs in the master bathroom in front of the sink there. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for this wonderful product!”
Emily Smith - Wichita, KS
“I received a wellness mat for Christmas and absolutely love it. We have placed it in front of our sink and it not only makes doing the dishes bearable… it's even enjoyable! My husband and I like it so much that we just ordered a second mat to put in front of our stove. We highly recommend this product!”
Jill Kio - Newark, OH
“After spending a lot of time researching different kitchen mats, I decided to purchase from Wellness mats due to the positive reviews, the excellent warranty and the fact they are manufactured in the U.S.  I am 8 months pregnant and standing on our tile floor while cooking/baking was really starting to make my legs and feet hurt.  Initially I purchased one mat for in front of the kitchen sink, with the intent to be sure I thought it was worth the money before purchasing a second for the oven area.  Suffice it to say I knew within just a couple days I would be ordering the second mat!  It really makes a huge difference in my leg and foot pain. Thanks for a great product!”
John Crane - Freehold, NY
“Just opened my new 6'x2' black Wellness Mat.  I bought it as a replacement for my Nantucket mat which rolled up at the edges causing me to trip over it.  At my age, 68 with a replaced hip, the last thing I need is to trip and fall in my own home!  I also didn’t like the Nantucket because it cracked along the crosshatches. When I opened the mat and it immediately lay perfectly FLAT on the floor I knew I'd made a great purchase.  Thanks for a well-designed, well-made product.  I look forward to years of use.  Thanks, John”
Dawn Rice - Fairport, New York
“I can't tell you how much my parents are enjoying the wellness mat I sent them as a present this spring. I ordered the large one to use at the sink. Mom says it's like standing on a cloud. The best part is how easily it can be cleaned. They are so happy, that I'm ordering one today for myself! By the way, Mom is 81 and Dad is 82. I think I'm going to order one for his workshop!! Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product.”
Renee Gillis-Arnold - Dallas, TX
“I have been battling plantar faciatis for about a year and a half and didn't want to give up my favorite past time on the weekends- which is baking and freezing items for the winter months. My feet would ache by the end of the day from standing and baking, and so my husband finally broke down and told me I could purchase a wellness mat. I decided to order my very first wellness mat and have continued to enjoy cooking and baking on the weekends. I had ordered the longer mat for underneath my island and suddenly found myself wanting another one for underneath my oven. I casually mentioned something about ordering another mat in the future to my husband and he told me to purchase it right away!! To my surprise he had enjoyed the comfort under his feet so much he did not hesitate in purchasing another one- I didn't even have to wait!!!! If my husband agreed to another purchase then you can be assured that these mats are a great investment!!”
Jessica - Hillsboro, OR
“I first discovered the Wellness Mats at a local kitchen specialty supply store near my home. The store had the wellness mat placed in front of the cash register so customers would have to step on it when making a purchase. I had this exact experience in early December of 2011 and could not believe the cushioning and comfort the mat immediately provided. I was sold on it at first step! I purchased my first mat for my mother and father who are in their late 60's. My mother is hairstylist who stands on her feet all day and I knew would appreciate the added comfort and relief the mat would supply at home. She was so pleased with the gift and placed in front of her kitchen sink. I was so happy to provide them with this gift knowing it would ease some of their aches and pains at the end of the day and knowing that they'd think of me each time they used it. Now I am ready to have a mat for myself and placed an order today. I cannot wait to use the mat for myself and enjoy the benefits of mats”
Paul Sullivan - Amesbury, MA
“I purchased a wellness mat for my wife for Christmas. I just wanted to say she absolutely LOVES it! I saw one of these mats at William Sonoma and thought it would be a great gift. She stands on her feet all day long and tells me it is like standing on air. I ended up purchasing directly though your website in black. It was well packaged and arrived in plenty of time. It took longer for me to wrap than getting it delivered. The entire process couldn't have been easier. Honestly she loves it so much I am ordering a second one for the house. Too bad you don't make one big enough to cover my entire house. Thank you!”
Judith - Philadelphia, PA
“I have been using my 3' x 6' wellnessmat in my kitchen for about 6 weeks. It is amazing! The cushioning had made a big difference in helping my arthritis and that in turn helps my energy level. It stays in place and the beveled edge really does work to prevent tripping. I've just ordered another one!”
Jeff Smith -
“We bought our first wellness mat for our kitchen to protect the hardwood floor in a high traffic area. It not only accomplished that but looks good and the cushioning is superb. We're about to buy our second mat. Well done Wellness Mats.”
Sandy - Apopka, FL
“Thank you for all your help … I'm so amazed by your customer service. Everyone I've spoken with at Wellness Mats has been so friendly and at the same time professional and knowledgeable about your wonderful product. Everyone seems very proud of the product, and with good reason. I received my 3x2 burgundy Bella design Wellness Mat about 2 weeks ago and absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and having the Wellness Mat has helped me to enjoy that time even more. It's like standing on a cushy, cool cloud ...except that it is also supportive. I've had back and knee injuries, and having my Wellness Mat really helps me to stand for hours in the kitchen. I did a lot of research before purchasing the Wellness Mat, and I'm convinced I chose the best! When I told my chiropractor about it, she agreed. It's so nice to shop with a company that not only has a fine product, but puts the customer first, and even better, it's made in America!!”
Kathy - Belton, TX
“Recently I under went foot surgery and the wellness mat has been a life saver for me. We have tile floors in the kitchen area and the mat feels great. Need to order another one.”
Terri Fetcher -
“I ordered a mat earlier this summer for my kitchen. I absolutely LOVE it. My legs and feet feel so well after standing on it. Also, it cleans very well.”
Pam Munroe - Saco, ME
“I wanted to let you know how much we really like the two Wellness mats we purchased last December for our kitchen. One mat is in front of our kitchen sink and dishwasher and the second in front of the stove and refrigerator. The tan color is great with our hardwood floors and natural finish maple cabinets, and the design on the mats is a great detail in the look of the kitchen. Everyone who has walked on them has commented on how comfortable they are. I love how easy they are to clean. They stay flat – no curling up on the edges. We researched all the available gel mats before we purchased the Wellness mats and were sold by the comparable prices but much better warranty – your 7 year to 1 year on most of your competitors. We also were impressed with the one piece construction – no multiple layers bonded together that can come apart like your competitors mats. Great product!”
Sandra Simmons - Estill, SC
“I am very impressed with the Wellness Mats. After purchasing three of the gel type mats, I have been very disappointed with all three mats curling up on the edges. I also found that the Wellness Mats have so much more cushion. With a seven year warranty you can't go wrong. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and what a difference the Wellness Mats make!”
Donald Burnham - Rochester, MI
“About a year ago, I had hip replacement surgery. I bought a couple of WellnessMats for my home and the most relief I get every day is when I stand on them. Can you do my whole house?”
Kathey Brittany - Cleveland, OH
“Hello, I stand on your WellnessMats every minute I get. As you may be aware, a national retailer near me has a similar product they sell. But it doesn't even compare to WellnessMats. So, thank you for making such an awesome product!”
Anthony Casticlionni - New Jersey, PA
“Your mats are a masterpiece! Cooking is much easier for me. Bravo!”
Jim Churches - Dallas, TX
“I had the opportunity to "test drive" a used gel filled mat at a nearby retailer. No Comparison! I mean really none, not a bit.”
Sue Woodside - Phoenix, AZ
“I am very pleased with my Wellness Mats. My feet thank you!”
Tina Yedding - Brooklyn, NY
“I recently purchased a wellness mat for my husband since he does most of the cooking at our house. He really loves your product very much! Thank you for making it so comfortable and durable.”
Julia Henry - Orlando, FL
“I just received my WM54 - WOW! - Now I want to do the whole house, and maybe some walls too.”
JaKell Meckley - Salina, KS
“We love your Wellness Mats, it has been a lifesaver for my mother and her back and leg problems and they are going to purchase more because we love them so much!”
Christopher Forman - Dewey, AZ
“My wife and I recently purchased one of your large Wellness Mats and can't tell you how happy we are with it. Previously we had a gel filled mat which had the corners turning up. Although the mat was out of warranty, it was replaced at no charge. The”
Jerry Dodson - Seattle, WA
“There is no comparison to the cushiness of your WellnessMat versus the rock hard gel type mats. The WellnessMat is far more superior.”
Mike Morton - San Diego, CA
“I purchased one of the WellnessMats for my wife for Christmas. She tells me every morning while she does her make-up how its the best gift I have ever bought her. I just got her two more for the kitchen. Now I'm husband of the year.”
Greg and Tina Yaddick - Las Vegas, NV
“My wife and I bought a 5'x4' mat from you and have it between our island and sink. I have never done dishes since we got married, but now we fight to do them. Thank you for making such a comfortable product.”
Sara Moulton - Chef, Cookbook Author, TV Personality
“The Wellness Mat is a Zen experience. It's so nice on your legs. When people come over and stand on my mat while cooking with me, they say, 'Whoa, I don't want to leave here!'”
Sandy & Tom Van Thyne - Grass Valley, CA
“My husband and I have four Wellness Mats in our kitchen and we like them so well that we have ordered a fifth one today. They are great for tired legs and help with standing. We first saw the Wellness Mats at a cooking class. After standing on one for only minutes, I instantly believed on ordering them for our kitchen. We love them and are extremely happy with them. Thank you Wellness Mats.”
Hadley French - Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
“I saw your WellnessMat at a friend's house and it's much better than my gel type mat! I can't wait to have one.”
Mary Mak - DeMotte, IN
“I stepped on a Wellness Mat while walking through airport security. I had to stop and ask the agent what type of mat it was because it felt so good on my sore feet. Can't wait to get my Wellness Mat ”

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